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Worship to Cleanse

Worship to Cleanse

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A modern fibre art piece hung from a finished dowel. 2024 Macrame.

Meaning Behind the Art:

Are you drawn to a certain way of cleansing your mind, body, soul?

WORSHIPPING is mine! It helps me focus on what matters most, who's in control and brings me so much peace to know God wants me just as I am. 

Dancing and singing praises renews my mind, giving me a refreshed perspective and in turn uplifts my soul.

This abstract fibre artwork reflects my mood when I come before my God. The calm agave colour symbolizing surrender. The pops of brighter colours allude to the joy I find in Him. The movement and uneven ends symbolize the dance of life and light He brings. 


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22" x 16"

Care information

Spot clean recommended

Air dry

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