Hi, I’m Kelsy, a creative soul that sees the world as vivid and filled with wonder. I enjoy finding meaning and making connections all around.

Born in Vancouver BC, I now reside in Abbotsford, BC, with my highschool sweetheart turned CFO and our four lively children.

Is the practic of art or the exploration of art a part of your life? Expressing myself through art has always been something I’ve done. Whether through the clothes I choose, my interior design style or the music I listen to. I express myself creatively one way or another each day.

My love for everything artistic runs deep with a generational interest.

Did you have people in your life that modelled artistic endeavours for you?

I grew up with creativity all around, from my Oma’s modern flare for interior design and art collecting, to my Opa’s stunning lapidary creations. My Grandmother’s soft watercolours were always a thing of beauty and my mother’s singing voice a poignant experience.

Creativity + Motherhood. Do you find creativity in motherhood? After becoming a mother I still continued to explore and create in a multitude of ways. In 2016 I took Acrylics 101 at UofS where my final project was one of the chosen art pieces to be shown in the university gallery. It was a wonderful experience.

Later in 2018, I turned to fibre as a new way of expressing myself. Working directly with the cord in my hands has helped me feel connected, grounded and present in the creation of my art practice and in life.

I find the act of knotting very calming and therapeutic. This art business has been a wonderful outlet in the last couple years when my mental health took a turn for the worse.

I adore the conversation surrounding art and the feelings it can evoke when one sinks into it. I’ve been honing my macrame skills, developing my own style/brand and scaling my small business since 2019.

Thanks so much for being here and supporting this foundational element to my being.

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