Hi, I’m Kelsy, a creative soul that sees the world as vivid and filled with wonder. I enjoy finding meaning and making connections all around.


My name is Kelsy Renee Schumacher and I have a passion for designing and creating fibre art macrame wallhangings, in the city of Abbotsford. The pieces I create, with a keen eye for detail, are inspired by my life experiences and surroundings. Born in Vancouver BC, I now reside in Abbotsford, BC, with my highschool sweetheart turned CFO and our four lively children.

My passion for design aids in how my
pieces will end up working in their collector’s space. I aim to capture my
creativity, by translating my abstract thoughts or visually appealing moments
into my modern fibre art tapestries.

Each handcrafted wallhanging is fueled by love and passion
for this art practice. Organic cotton cord running through my hands, getting
measured and knotted just the way I like, showcases my attention to detail. My
wallhangings range in size and colour, each with lush texture and a sense of
depth. From the smallest to the largest installation, they are sure to transform whatever space they occupy.

My inspiration comes from a variety of places. The natural scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the rolling canola fields of Saskatchewan (where I lived for 3 years) and the city scapes of Calgary (where I also lived for about 3 years). My eyes are drawn to the smallest details of a flower to the overwhelming power of the mighty mountains that surround. I incorporate grounding earth tones into my pieces in order to bring tranquility and calm. In addition, my abstract thoughts and emotions are poured into the pieces, adding that human piece that collectors can relate to.

 What sets my macrame artform apart from the rest is the way each piece is coloured into a story that reflects moments of joy, resilience and introspection. Whether it’s the depiction of spring blossoms symbolizing the abundance of life or intertwined knots representing the human experience, my art invites collectors to consider their own journey and find their own meaning within the pieces.

 Beyond the artistry, I am known for my commitment to sustainability. I create my art with organic cotton.  I source my cotton cord locally, as well as bag my cotton scraps and aim to use as much as possible in future projects.

 As a female fibre artist, residing in Abbotsford BC, I aim to inspire and delight with my innovative fibre art macrame wallhangings. Each design is a testament to my creativity, craftsmanship and dedication to my practice. Through my art, I invite you, to immerse yourself in a world of beauty, relatable stories and inspired connection, that will leave a lasting impression.

I adore the conversation surrounding art and the feelings it can evoke when one sinks into it. Thank you so much for being here and supporting this foundational element to my being.


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