Artist Statement

To design a piece of fibre art, with inspiration in towe, I sit down with Procreate and sketch out some patterns. I often take past works I’ve done and recreate them. 

Other times, I pull a colour palette and just start sketching or knotting. Both ways are extremely intuitive and I go with whatever comes naturally in the moment. 

To create fibre art, I start with a wooden dowel. I use both rustic collected dowels I’ve found and finished dowels from the hardware store. I prep both kinds of dowels. For the rustic dowels, they get a bleach bath to make sure there’s nothing alive left behind, they get cut to size and their ends get sanded. As for the finished dowels, they get cut to size and their ends sanded.

Next step is the cotton cord. I use 100% cotton cord in 1 ply and 3 ply primarily, in varying widths. Mixing these adds even more depth to the fibre art. I purchase quality natural white and coloured cotton cord that is ethically sustainable for my pieces. I have honed the skill of approximately 40+ knots and use them freely as I create a piece. I measure every cord used and write down all my patterns for future use and reflection. 

Macrame is a textile art form that uses knots to create patterns. In 2022 it has become more of a contemporary art form and not all macrame is the same. 

I design and create macrame both because it is therapeutic in my mental and spiritual growth and because it’s all the best qualities of art in one, in my opinion. Fibre art has the depth of a sculpture, the life of a painting and the emotion of a photo.