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A modern fibre art piece hung from a finished dowel. 2023 Macrame

Meaning Behind the Art:

This piece is named after the song 'Stronger' by Thunderstorm Artis 

Pertinent lyrics that I felt within, when I was selecting the colours and creating this piece. 

"Call me a fool for thinking maybe I could get over

Or I could be stronger than the fear in my mind


Oh sing with me now for the change I can become

Oh sing with me now for the change has just begun

But do you see my oh Lord when I look to you for an answer

I need you to tell me how to carry on


Keep on getting stronger

Keep on getting wiser my dear

Don't give in to the forces

Don't succumb to your fear


Show me now if I've lost my way

I reach for freedom from within my cage

Search for meaning whenever I'm afraid"


Thank you Thunderstorm Artis for such poignant lyrics. 



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Air dry

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