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Mindset to Cleanse

Mindset to Cleanse

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A modern fibre art piece hung from a finished dowel. 2024 Macrame.

Meaning Behind the Art:

Our mindset is such a powerful tool, wouldn't you agree?

One way I like to cleanse my mind is by journalling. I like to journal out my ponderings, hard situations, prayers and all the ruminations, ( I call these brains dumps). Journaling for the sake of empyting ones mind, does not really need to be coherant, it's more of a debrief of whats going on up there. 

This piece, is my abstract way of braindumping, like I would in my journal, but with my fibres. 

It was a cleansing practice. 

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Cotton Cord and Wooden Dowel


31" x 16"

Care information

Spot clean recommended

Air dry

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