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I Feel You

I Feel You

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A modern fibre art piece hun from a finished dowel. 2023 Macrame

Meaning Behind the Art:

This piece is about the empath who tends to take on everyone else's pain, moods, problems. Recognizing which pain points are their own vs. others is a continual process for the empath. Our God is an empath, but unlike us, is able to bear it all. 'I Feel You' represents our Lord Jesus, who came to earth and felt all that we feel. He suffered for us and showcased the greatest form of love. 

It’s neatly trimmed edges showcase that there is an end in sight because we who believe know that there is a beautiful eternity and end to the sorrow, despair, hurt and anger currently here. The colours stay true to the rest of the collection. There is love, growth, beauty, healing and light as we move through our life’s trials and emotions. 

 ‘I Feel You’ is a reminder to move through our emotions and not attach ourselves to them. Feel them, then free them. Keep your chin up and know that there’s more beauty to come.

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cotton cord, wooden dowel


30" x 48"

Care information

Spot clean recommended

Air dry

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