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As seen in @sarahthereseco home

Artist Statement:Honeycomb’ was created to evoke delight, sweet memories, soul fruit and melodies in ones mind. Do you enjoy seeing the world in a tangerine light, hearing with your bones and feeling with your soul?

Poem to Accompany: Sonnet

Tangerine Light

The world in tangerine light
You and I are whole and sweet
There are musical tones of delight
We bring the soul and beat

The words are healing
The sights are bright
Dance or rest in your being
Acknowledge the plight

There are endless possibilities
Find your strawberry soul
Give way to the eloquent journeys
Don’t get stuck in the fruit bowl

Hear with your bones
Still soft undertones

Colour: Mustard, Rose Gold, Caramel, Peach, Orange, Pink, Rust Red, Ocher

Made to Order This piece will take 1 week to make once purchased. We will replicate it as carefully as possible, but due to the fact that each one is handmade, there can be small differences. If you’d like any variation on the design or an accent colour interwoven please specify.


Finished Dowel
Wooden Beads
100% Organic Cotton Cord


30" x 48"

Care information

Spot clean recommended

Air dry