3 Colour Trend Predictions for 2023

3 Colour Trend Predictions for 2023

As I press my figurative nose up against the window of 2023, It shouts back at me to feel alive and explore what it means to just be MYSELF.  I've seen it all over Pinterest, read in AD blogs and watched trend experts on Youtube say that 2023 is the year to express our individual style through our interior design choices. 

Here are the 3 colours that will attribute to individualistic interior design this year.

From the pros at Dulux, I present:


1. Apricot Crush

Featuring 'The Art of Diplomacy' in @heysarahdarling lovely home.

 apricot and white cotton fibre art wallhanging


2.  Indigo Shade

Featuring 'Freedom 2.0' photographed by Substance // Brand Photography.



 3. Sunflower Symphony 4

Featuring 'Honeycomb' as seen in @sarahthereseco modern family home.



While the hues of 2022 centered around back to nature shades of green, 2023 is said to be all about self expression. Add joy to your space with an eclectic, nastolgic range of colours that show the world your story. 

Are you ready to express your colours this year?


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