The Inspiration Behind KRS Designs & Colours

The Inspiration Behind KRS Designs & Colours

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For the first blog, I thought I’d start off with what fuels KRS designs and creative palette. 

Inspiration comes from most anything that I fully immerse myself in. I use sight the most out of all my senses when it comes to inspiration. The most poignant stem from my surroundings. I’m filled with creativity when I’m deep in nature, walking through historic sights or modern architecture, exploring exciting colour combinations or patterned textiles. 

Listening to bird songs, music or podcasts, the wind, ocean waves or silence are a strong runner up to sight.

Here are some images that has been the fuel & inspirations behind my pieces.

Kelsy Renee Studio   

Photographed by Kelsy Renee, Featured in City of Calgary here



Location: Hudson Bay, Calgary Alberta 


Remai Modern Museum in Saskatoon

Inspiration from Anthropologie Dresses 

Floral arrangement by Blush and Balsam 

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