Imposter Syndrome and a Mindset Shift

Imposter Syndrome and a Mindset Shift

After having most of my artwork out in the world, participating in exhibitions, it all came back to me in the new year. I had no idea what kind of affect this would have on me, as I have never been in 6 exhibitions at once. It was the best feeling to participate in so many opening receptions, but I started to take it for granted.  I started to think that I'd just be accepted into an exhibition if I applied. Yes, pride comes before a fall. 

With all my pieces back in my home and studio, I needed to find more avenues to get them out in the world. I had my eye on this travelling fibre exhibition. If a few of my pieces were accpeted into this show I thought it would definitly garnar some eyes. The show is travelling across Canada in a year. Such a cool oppurtunity and I tried to keep my expectations in check, but alas, I was not accepted. 

There were plenty of exhibitions and oppurtunities that I applied for last year that I wasn't accepted into, but having such a wonderful December had left me on a high and this news came as a reality check. 

However, this year is different, I've had almost 2 months to really get a grasp on my direction and try to find my way through this new endeavour. I've diversified my income with teaching piano lessons, so that I can have the time to create for my first solo exhibtion this fall. I've never taken months (half a year) to create, so it feels hard to stay focussed. It's hard to keep being excited about it, to keep pouring myself into it, without any feedback. But, I'm practicing seeing the bigger picture. I'm excited about my message through this collection titled 'The Power of Surrender' and I'm having faith that there is purpose in it. 

fibre art studio with a brown and pink piece being created

On this morning's walk, I listened to Ekaterina Popova's newest podacst epidsode and it was such an encouragement. It's all happening behind the scenes. The truth is I don't know who will see my art, who it will impact, but I know I need to create it and put it out into the world for those that are waiting for it. 

So, here I am working behind the scenes on my art, on my blog, on my social media, emails and more to reach you, my dear collector. I can't wait to meet you and hear about how you've connected with my work. 

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