Have you ever felt invisible?

Have you ever felt invisible?

Currently, my eldest child is out exploring the wonders of nature, while the middle ones enjoy shared playtime. Meanwhile, my little one is happily engrossed in a playdate. This tranquil time is a priceless treasure, maintaining her amusement, which can be a challenging task at times. The countdown to the end of winter break is marked by the remaining four days, after which they'll all be headed back to school. As I recover from the last remnants of a winter cold, I eagerly look forward to the imaginative pursuits that lie ahead.

Have you ever felt invisible? 'I See You' was thoughtfully crafted as a balm for those times when you feel overlooked or undervalued. This piece serves as a beacon, affirming that our existence is acknowledged and cherished by our Creator. During a moment of anxiety, my partner described me as a "square peg in a round hole." Initially, his words stung, but soon, a sense of appreciation for his viewpoint emerged. His nudge to embrace my true self was exactly the encouragement I needed. I perceive the world in my unique way, experiencing emotions profoundly, and I've realized that it's perfectly okay not to conform to everyone's expectations. This creation underscores the importance of being genuine. The world needs your unique contribution, and the right people will appreciate you for who you are.

With 2024 upon us, I'm choosing the word POWER as my guiding principle, using it as a beacon for my thoughts, words, and actions, especially when it comes to infusing spiritual strength into my daily life and business ventures.

The key to this is crafting a consistent routine of aligning with the divine will. This involves a 7-step process:

1. Praying and visualizing the unloading of burdens that hold me back.

2. Being mindful of my thought patterns.

3. Bestowing my faith and trust in the divine.

4. Releasing my compulsion for control.

5. Savouring nature daily, without guilt if circumstances don't allow.

6. Recording my experiences.

7. Pursuing spiritual guidance and fellowship.

My goal is to explore the concept of surrender, as I believe it acts as a conduit to divine power. I encourage you to accompany me on this exploration. Surrendering everything to the Divine, in your own unique way, is the initial and ultimate step to letting go of your past and creating the future you've always dreamed of. While I anticipate this journey to have its highs and lows, sharing it with others who share similar mindsets or are also navigating through anxiety and depression can certainly be a source of support. I know I'll have good days and not-so-good days, but keeping a hopeful attitude towards pursuing greater things is a constructive way to embrace the upcoming year. Lastly, here's a quote that resonated with me: "For God has not given us a spirit of fear or timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline." -Timothy

If you, like me, have ever felt less than and also want to pursue the art of surrender as the antidote to the divine power working through you, I'd love for you to please comment below. 

-Kelsy Schumacher


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